• Bookworms
    This group reads and reviews an array of best sellers, classics, and past best sellers! Broaden your horizons and read something different and then discuss a good book with friends.
  • Bridge-Couples
    The Couples Bridge group gets together once a month for some serious and not-so-serious bridge and play with different partners throughout the evening. The host and hostess will change monthly.
  • Bridge-Couples Round Robin
    Substitutes are welcome! Partners are necessary. Scores are tallied for the 8-month playing season.
  • Bridge-Day
    Play bridge and have lunch.
  • Bridge-Ladies Round Robin
    This group requires that you have a partner. If you do not have a partner, they will try to find one for you. Play begins in September and ends in May. You and your partner will play other pairs throughout the season. Each session plays 20 hands of bridge. Scores are accumulate for all games. At the end of the year, partners with highest total points will be awarded cash prize.
  • Canasta
    Play one round (4 hands) then break for lunch. After lunch another round is played. If you do not know how to play Canasta, we'll help you learn!!
  • Euchre
    Another card game -- lots of fun and easy to learn
  • Couples Euchre
    Same as above, but you have a partner in crime! Subs will be needed.
  • Hand and Foot
    Hand & Foot is an off-shoot of Canasta, easy to pick up!
  • Lunch Bunch
    If you would like to discover different restaurants, Lunch Bunch can take you there! Try the "in" places, and come across the ones off the beaten path. You'll also find new friends and see old ones while you're "indulging"!
  • Nickels
    If you'd like to meet new people and learn an EASY card game, join us!! We'll teach you all you need in one hand of cards. Any number can play, so don't worry about having a partner. Bring 11 nickels and one quarter for each game (80¢). Two games are played before lunch and two after. It will cost you $3.20 for a whole day of fun. We usually break up around 3:00p.m.
  • /span>
    What a great card game Shang Hai Rummy

    This is a fun game reminiscent of "Phase 10", with 7 rounds played wither newer and harder combinations to be achieved with each.